Example Implementations

The core Pi4J V.2 library doesn’t contain any specific support for devices like buttons, motors, LCD… This was part of V.1 but made the project much more difficult to maintain and fully test the library.

In this section, we want to provide you example implementations of several devices that are maintained by the community.

Current code providers

Pi4JJBang examples
FHNW UniversityComponents
FHNW UniversityElectronics with CrowPi
Community ImplementationCommunity Implementation

Simple Implementation

For a simple implementation of a project with one of the components, the recommendation is to use the Template-Project. The Readme.md describes how to get started with the project. To get a better understanding, look at one of those finished template-projects: Theremin or Photobooth

Electrical Engineering

General inputs and help on electrical engineering can be looked up on the Getting started with PI4J / Electrical Engineering page.

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