Community Implementations

On this page we want to keep a list of projects which contain implementation code for specific devices using the Pi4J V.2 core library. Please let us know via Pi4J V.2 Discussions if you want to have your project added to this list.

Current available device support projects

Device(s)Developed byLink
1602A LCD HD44780UThomas
1602A_LCD_PCF8574A I2C ControllerThomas
1602A LCD MCP23017 I2C ControllerThomas
ADS1256 24bit A-to-DThomas
BMP280 Temperature and Pressure SensorThomas
DAC8552 16bit DAC SPI connectedThomas
DHT22 Temp/Humidity sensorThomas
IS31FL3731 matrix controllerThomas
MCP23008 drive and read chip GPIOsThomas
MCP23008 and MCP23017 Pin monitoringThomas
MCP23017 drive and read chip GPIOsThomas
MCP3008 A/D 10bit converterThomas
MCP4725 12 bit DACThomas
SN74HC595 8 Bit shift registerThomas
TCA9548 (1x8 I2C switch)Thomas
VL53L0X TimeOfFlight deviceThomas