Soft real time PLC

Strolch is a framework for developing Software which has a different approach compared to Spring and other similar types of Java frameworks, as the model is defined as an abstract model, where you always have the same three types of objects: Resources, Orders and Activities. The fields are mapped as Parameter objects, of which the important primitives are available.

These are projects by the company

A soft real time PLC written in Java running on Strolch

This PLC project by Robert von Burg combines Pi4j, Strolch and the Raspberry Pi.

It is being used in a material flow controller which coordinates FromStock orders with a medical dispensing robot and dispenses the packets into containers. These containers are then moved by a Strolch based PLC. The containers travel on a 12m long conveyor with multiple segments and entry/exits to position the container at the dispensing robot’s exit.

Medical cabinet with pick-by-light

The most recent project are medical cabinets which use I2C to communicate with custom electronics to control the locks, perform a pick-by-light from slots and uses infrared to detect access to a slot with products in it.