Getting started with Pi4J

You have a Raspberry Pi? And you want to use Java as your programming language to build performant, easy-to-maintain and powerful applications? This is the place to be!!!

The pages in this chapter explain you how to get started in different steps. The full documentation for the library, with more in-depth and technical info, can be found in the “Documentation” chapter.

This part of the site takes you through the different steps to start “from scratch”:

  1. Setting up the Raspberry Pi with all the tools needed
  2. Understanding the GPIO pins
  3. Java development on the Raspberry Pi with Visual Studio Code
  4. Using a Linux/Windows/Mac separate computer as developing workstation
  5. Minimal example application with an LED and button
  6. Introduction to electronics with CrowPi
  7. Adding a user interface with JavaFX
  8. Game development with FXGL and an Arcade controller

And if you still want to learn more, we have a list of additional resources.