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Pi4J is used in a lot of projects, and you can find a lot of examples online. On this page we want to keep an up-to-date list. Do you want to add something? Please hit “Edit this page” on the top and create a pull request!


Please share your personal or professional projects where you combine Java and the Raspberry Pi on Twitter with the hashtag #JavaOnRaspberryPi.

Online articles


Getting Started with Java on the Raspberry Pi

This book by Frank Delporte includes a lot of info and history about Java itself and how to install it on the Raspberry Pi. Also, a lot of tips and tricks to become or be a better developer. And above all many simple examples on these and even more other topics:

  • The magic of Bits and Bytes and solving the confusion of Java signed values with the help of a led number display.
  • Beautiful user interfaces made with JavaFX so you can interact with the hardware.
  • Pi4J applications to be able to control different types of hardware like LEDs, buttons, displays, led strips, relay boards, and many more.
  • Spring applications to interact with your Pi via web interfaces.
  • How to set up a queue to send and receive messages to and from Arduino boards or other Pi’s.
  • Interviews with Karen Mouws (STEM and diversity), Trisha Gee (IntelliJ IDEA), Xiaokai He (Visual Studio Code), Alexander Belokrylov (BellSoft Liberica JDK), Jakob Jenkov (Java and tutorials.jenkov.com), Johan Vos (OpenJFX, JavaFX and GluonHQ), Gerrit Grunwald (Java, JavaFX, TilesFX), Mark Heckler (Spring), Vlad Mihalcea (JPA, Hibernate)

The ebook is available on Leanpub and the paper book on Elektor.

Cover of the ebook and paper book