Pi4J Operating System

Yes, Raspberry Pi OS is great! And we made if even more awesome by adding some “goodies” for Java developers! So, to be clear, Pi4J OS is not yet another OS. It’s the official Raspberry Pi OS, with additional tools and preconfigurations to make it the ideal OS for any Java developer who wants to use a Raspberry Pi.

Additional Feature on top of Raspberry Pi OS

This project provides pre-built versions of OS images with all you need to develop 100% pure Java applications for specific Raspberry Pi setups. They are based on the latest official Raspberry Pi OS and are automatically built using Packer.

By using these images, you will get:

  • Preconfigured locale (en_US), keyboard (US) and timezone (Europe/Zurich).
  • Preconfigured wireless country (Switzerland) by default.
  • Remote management via SSH and VNC enabled by default.
  • Preinstalled OpenJDK 17 with latest JavaFX 20.
  • Starter script to launch JavaFX-apps in DRM (aka kiosk-mode).
  • Preconfigured /boot/config.txt supporting all components out of the box.
  • Dynamic wallpaper showing Ethernet/WLAN address and hostname.
  • User account pi, password pi4j.
    • You have to set the corresponding preferences in Raspberry Pi Imager.
  • Default WLAN connection.
    • Setup a hotspot, for example on your smartphone, and you are ready to go.
      • SSID: Pi4J-Spot.
      • Password: MayTheSourceBeWithYou!.
    • Your laptop has to be in the same WLAN as the Rasperry Pi.

Available Flavors


Download latest release of Pi4J-Basic-OS Image


  • All of Pi4J-Basic-OS
  • Support for CrowPi
  • Comes with lirc preinstalled to run the IR receiver component
  • Use CrowPi template project to start your CrowPi experiments

Download latest release of Pi4J-CrowPi-OS


Download latest release of Pi4J-Picade-OS

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